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I am a very hard working Executive and an excellent decision maker and have successfully completed innumerable Tasks/projects which are either abandoned or not taken-up due to their complex nature and high-risk factor by adopting methods not tried earlier with immense benefit to the company, I am at present working for. I can shoulder still higher responsibility to bring any company to heights untouched earlier which is otherwise impossible to achieve by conventional means.

 Empannelled by United Nations as one of the expert (See www.google.com search MM Hazarika)
 Strong knowledge of all oil field related jobs.
 Exposure to project management and strong administrative jobs.
 Looking for an opportunity to design a new generation of bits.
 An expert on oil field drilling and work over operation.
 Over 30 yrs of experience on various jobs relating to complete jobs which otherwise impossible to achieve by conventional methods

1971–1973 M/s United Engineers Sibsagar
Design Engineer
 My main job to design pre-fabricated steel structures, M/s Staging etc.
 Including general maintenance and repairing of all types of Machinery.
1973–1975 Oil India Limited(Ex-BOC) Dibrugarh
Trainee Drilling Engineer
 Within 3 months of my training I was selected to take independent charge of both Drilling & Workover wells out of the whole batch of trainee.
 Confirmed in the post of Drilling / Workover engineer in the year 1975.
1975-1978 : Oil India Limited (Ex-BOC) Dibrugarh
Drilling Engineer
Mainly exposed to exploratory Drilling wells and critical work-over wells.

1978–1982 Oil India Limited(EX-BOC) Dibrugarh
Senior Engineer (Drilling)
 Permoted to the post of Sr. Engineer(Drilling) w.e.f. 18-05-1978.
 Mainly exposed to exploration drilling & critical Work-over wells.
 Transferred to the position of Sr. Engineer(Drilling)- equipment for about six months.
 Transferred to the position of ‘Techinical Control / Operation Officer’, a rank in management group w.e.f. 24/10/1980 and hold the position for 2 years.

Suptdg. Engineer (Drilling)
 Promoted to the post of suptdg. Engineer (Drilling) w.e.f. 30/08/1982.
I have been credited with the following during my tenure as Suptdg. Engineer (Drilling).
 Saved at least 15 rig days at each well drilled under my supervision.
 Did the fastest ever achieved (6 days) rig move of BHEL-E-1400 rig with limited man power.
 Completed drilling to a depth of 3300m just only in 17½ days with BHEL-E-1400 rig which is a record.
 Introduced many modifications to BHEL-E-1400 AC/ACR rigs for elimination break downs.
 Successfully completed a complex casing patch job using a new technique.
 Associated myself in drilling the deepest well of OIL.
 Successfully completed number of abandoned wells.
 Tackled number of Blow-outs successfully under my direction.
 Unlimited number of Fishing jobs successfully completed under my direction.
 Worked in offshore rig (deep water) “PETREL” in western Andaman as a ‘Drilling Supervisor” for a short period when the well was in a critical stage and was about to be abandoned in 1985-86. The well was later drilled to its targeted depth successfully.

Dy. Chief Engineer (Drilling)
Promoted to the post of Dy. Chief Engineer (Drilling), Rajasthan Project on 23/12/89.
 Over-all head of Planning Section.
 To draw-out tender documents (NIT) for all types of Onshore rigs and its associated services and evaluation of offers.
 Preparation of various contract documents connected with OIL well drilling.
 Keeping contracts with DGH, CC Clearance committees, World Bank officials for Planning purposes of the Project.
 Simultaneously holding the post of Manager (Mines).
 Over-all in-charge of all Drilling and Workover operations being carried out by M/s. OIL INDIA LIMITED, in Thar Desert.

Chief Manager(Project)
Promoted to the post of Chief Manager(Project) w.e.f 01/01/98.
 Over-all Administration and its timely execution of the Project (GVP) which is being carried out most meticulously.
 Completed the project with utmost austerity. Saved approx. Rs.10 crores from the estimated cost of Rs.35.00 crores for the Project.
 Successfully completed a complicated fishing operation with a modified tool in the deepest well drilled at Ganga-valley(Loc.GKBA).
 Entire drilling operation is handled single handedly.

TRAINING  Passed Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination from Sibsagar Government Higher Secondary & Multipurpose School in the year 1966.
 Obtained B.E. (Mechanical) Degree from Jorhat Engineering College under Dibrugarh University with 64% marks in aggregate in the year 1971.

 Took a course in “Advance Drilling Technology” by
P. Moore, USA.
 Took another course on “Drilling Technology” in
DPTC, Aberdeen, UK for 2 months.
 Took a course on Human Resource Development in
Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad,India.


Authored three technical papers on the following subjects.
 A new technique of casing patch-up (SPE 17017).
 Effect on penetration rate by blanking-off a nozzle in a tricone bit (SPE 17016).
 How a better rate of penetration can be achieved by blanking-off a nozzle in a tricone bit (SPE 17102).
 A number of papers written recently yet to be published.

 SPE, WWF (India), Member (Life) Administrative Staff College, Bella Vista.
 Selected for the SPE Membership Development award for 1990.
 Selected as one of the experts in Drilling Technology by Citizen Ambassador Programme, a foundation headed by President of USA as its Chairman to represent a World Body. However, ‘OIL’ declined to give me permission to make myself available for the same.

 During my over thirty years of service in OIL INDIA LIMITED from 1973 till date, I have gathered sufficient experience in both technical/ field as well as administrative jobs. Throughout my stay in OIL. I have discharged my duties to the satisfaction of all and received appreciation including Cash Awards for my contribution to the Company.


 Mr. B.C. Borah, Ex-CMD, ONGCL
H-29,Sector-27,Gautam Budh nagar
Jal Vayu Vihar
E-mail: bcbora@hotmail.com

 Mr. R.M. Hazarika, Director (Commercial)
Bongaigaon refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.
P.O. Dhaligaon, Distt. – Bongaigaon
Assam – 783 385 (INDIA).
Phone : 03664 – 41333/41339
Fax : 03664 – 41367

 Mr. S. Chaliha, Ex CMD, Oil India Limited
6C, Super Deluxe Flat, Sector-15A
Noida – 201 301, U.P. (INDIA).
Phone: 91-120-2511678,2513562(R), Mobile: 9811524399
E-mail : surajit_chaliha@jubilantempro.com


 21st December, 1948


 Married

 Indian

PHONE:- 91-0291-2430092(O)91- 0291-2-2513932 (R)
MOBILE:- 0-9414128409 E-MAIL:- mridul_h@hotmail.com

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